Private GP Services

Affordable, pay-as-you-go private doctor’s appointments for patients who want to be proactive about their health, available exactly when they need them, without a referral.

We know that waiting for a GP appointment can be a frustrating and worrying time, but our private GP services are here to help you take your health into your own hands.

You don’t need health insurance to book, and our GP appointment costs are always upfront and discussed with you in advance. Our experienced doctor can provide consultations in a relaxed, friendly environment and in complete confidence.


We offer face-to-face appointments and recommend a 30- or 45-minute appointment for an initial health consultation or if you have more than one concern, you’d like to discuss with the doctor in one session. 

Our GP also offers a 15-minute time slot for repeat appointments or minor concerns. 

Prescriptions and onward referrals are included, additional investigations such as blood tests are optional but may incur an additional fee.

Consult with a private GP now

Book your first appointment today:

Initial/first appointment 30 minutes — £110

Book a follow-up appointment:

15 minute follow-up appointment — £55