General Health

Blood tests are usually done to check how your body copes with illness, injury, inflammation, infection and some types of medication.

Blood needs a very precise balance in order for your body to work well. If blood test results are abnormal, it gives the doctors a good indication of how to treat you or prevent problems occurring in the future.

At Health First Surrey, we highly recommend that patients be under the care of a doctor when ordering their blood tests. The attention of a registered medical professional is extremely important as they will be able to order the relevant blood tests.

Patients are of course welcome to use the service on a self-request basis. Health First Surrey cannot interpret your results, but we can refer you to one of our private GPs to interpret these results for you for a small fee.

All prices include phlebotomy and direct courier to laboratory.

General Health Tests

Bowel Health Tests

Bowel screening can help detect bowel cancer at an early stage when treatment has the best chance of working.

The test can also find polyps (non-cancerous growths), which might develop into cancer. Polyps can usually be removed to lower the risk of bowel cancer.

Our bowel cancer screen checks stool samples for any occult (hidden) blood. Occult blood in the stool could indicate colon cancer or polyps in the colon or rectum. This test can be done at home and dropped into the clinic to be sent to our laboratory. A bowel screen can help you to monitor your health and may potentially aid in the diagnosis of conditions that are having a negative impact on your general health and wellbeing.