Women’s Hormone Health

Hormones govern every activity of your body, from growth and metabolism to reproduction and your sleep cycle.

Even a small imbalance in your hormone levels can have a significant impact on your health, affecting your mood and energy levels as well as fertility and libido. Hormones are known as chemical messengers which are manufactured in your glands and released into your bloodstream. They instruct your body in everything it does – regulating appetite, growth, mood and reproduction. Generally, they keep the body functioning and in balance. Hormone disorders are common and can often be put right through hormone replacement therapy or lifestyle changes. Hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day and also, for women, through the reproductive cycle.

At Health First Surrey, we highly recommend that patients be under the care of a doctor when ordering their blood tests. The attention of a registered medical professional is extremely important as they will be able to order the relevant blood tests.

Patients are of course welcome to use the service on a self-request basis. Health First Surrey cannot interpret your results, but we can refer you to one of our Private GPs to interpret these results for you for a small fee.

All prices include phlebotomy and direct courier to laboratory.

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